Superhero Movies/ Cartoons:

  1. Alfred- Some men just want to watch the world BURN..
  2. The Joker- You wanna know how I got these scars..?
  3. The Joker- Everything BURNS!!
  4. Mad Hatter- None of us 'Villians' would be this way if YOU didn't step in, Batman.
  5. Batman- I'm Batmannnnnnnnnnnnnnn.......................

Odds and ends from the stupidest movies ever:

  1. "Hold on tight, spider monkey" - Twilight
  2. "You're welcome" - Merlin's shop of mystical wonders
  3. "Happy life day!" - Star Wars Holiday Special
  4. "The mas ter does n't like vis it ors. He is with us. He is al ways with us. The mas ter is dead, yet he is here. Please, come in." - Manos and the Hands of Fate
  5. "She's my hot ferrari" - Birdemic
  6. "Umm.. I hear a mountain lion..." - Birdemic
  7. "So.. he's a wrwlf?" - Werewolf
  8. "I want to speak the international language..(winks)" - Better off dead
  9. "I'm free, fat man" - Overdrawn at the memory bank
  10. "The name's Rowsdower. Zap Rowsdower." - The Final Sacrifice
  11. "We're gonna play a guessing game. If you don't know what is onscreen, say 'Yay yay'. (Screen shows a dog) Say bow wow! (Screen shows a mummified lobster tail) Say Ouch!..(This goes on for 5 whole minutes)" - Fun in Balloonland
  12. "Don't pee on hospitality" - Trolls 2 (Which features goblins, NOT TROLLS)
  13. "Please, drink this water of the ocean" - Avatar : The Last Airbender
  14. "Sorry.. Thanks.. Sorry.." - R.O.T.O.R.
  15. "Looks like both your eyes are coming out of the same hole" - R.O.T.O.R.
  16. "I am.. a computer.. my body was.. converted.. into.. data.. I want to be.. with.. you.. " (Next scene) "Didn't I tell.. you..? I will be deleted.. soon" - Julie and Jack